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Paula was a Godsend when I began the LTC journey! She was so patient with my MANY questions, and thoroughly answered with easy-to-understand language. She was prompt in her correspondence and I appreciated her helpful guidance through the complete process. I highly recommend Paula for your LTC needs and services--she is trustworthy, personable, and an expert in the complicated field of LTC--she is truly a gem!

Karen Allen

Paula was very helpful with information and stats on long term care and she got right back to us..Much appreciated.


LTC's Paula is a joy to work with. She always answers all questions right away and helps in any way she can. Paula has been administering my policy for years now and I am very happy with the product. I would recommend Paula and her services warm-heartedly.


Paula - thank you for the tremendous service that you offer to so many people. The LTC solutions approach is a great one!! Denise

mary stoschke

Thank-you for the good news. Will be talking with you another time. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Lynn Dennehy

Paula was a great help in getting me to understand Long Term Care and how my particular needs might be met. Even with my medical background, I was at a loss trying to read and understand what the details were in each agreement and how they could be of help to me. Even at the end, i had to ask Paula to go over the details and she was so patient and kind to help me in understanding the agreement. I really encourage anyone to contact Paula Taylor and let her help you understand what will work best for you. Thank you so much Paula. You were great. Sincerely, Lynn Dennehy California

Michael and Marilyn Fleming

Paula, We would like to once again thank you for all your efforts that resulted in both of us obtaining LTC with the company that you recommended to us. Your perseverance enabled Marilyn to obtain her policy despite numerous hurdles. Without your personal and professional guidance, we would have been lost as to what we should have in our policies and which company would be the best fit for us. Without hesitation, we are recommending your services to our friends, many of whom are not aware of the vital importance of LTC. Michael and Marilyn Fleming

Cindy Tuttle

Received my policy Paula.Thank you so much for your help. I would highly recommend you..Thanks again.

Cal and Jan Peterson

Paula worked with us tirelessly for months, to find just the right combination of LTC plans for us. Her commitment, professionalism and integrity every step of the way, was unwavering. She answered all of our questions, giving us insight along the way, to insure we fully understood what our plans would require, and when finally choosing plans, she explained them thoroughly. We would definitely recommend Paula to our relatives and friends, in the sometimes very overwhelming process of trying to find just the right LTC plan.

Jerry Staton

Paula is a very knowledgeable person and very ethical. She took the time to review my current LTC policy with CalPers and assured me it is a good policy. I would and will recommend Paula to any of my friends needing her expertise. GREAT JOB Paula!!! Jerry Staton

Alan Gaynor

When I met Paula, I knew I needed long term care insurance, but felt overwhelmed about understanding how it worked. Paula did a great job making it understandable, and absolutely made sure I bought the right amount, neither too much nor too little. Recently, I inquired about the level of my insurance, and Paula, reassured me I had just the right amount.

Roberta Rothman

I would recommend Paula to anyone even thinking about long term care insurance. She was able to explain the benefits of having long term care and help me determine my needs. Paula is an experienced professional who is knowledgable and ethical.

Rosie Cohan

I highly recommend Paula to anyone even thinking about long term care insurance. She is knowledgable and really cares that people be safe and secure if anything happens to make them unable to take care of themselves.

Cindy Williams

I received the policies Paula. Thanks for your help!


Paula, I have very much enjoyed working with you over many years on more than one project and because of you have a great long term care policy. I particularly appreciate how responsive you are and how you stay in touch.

Ray Ruiz

I have been doing business with Paula for 13 years now. Paula has a unique insurance product that most people have never heard of. It can really give you peace of mind. I very much appreciated that the insurance would also work for me in Europe as well as the U.S., should we decide to retire there. I recommend Paula highly. First class service-- all the way.... :-)

T. Simdescriblemons

I turned 70 this year, and many of my aquaintances are faced with the need for assisted living and or long term care. Having insurance has provided me with an indescrible level of comfort and feeling of security. Thank you Paula, for convincing me to buy ten years ago. The premium is little price to pay in exchange for my peace of mind. This is one area of my life i don't have to worry about.

Dawn F

Paula was an absolute life saver. I had received awful advice from another agent and she was able to help me navigate out of my confusion. She spent an unbelievable amount of time with me answering all of my questions and never losing patience. Her breadth of knowledge of the industry and the nuances of the various policies is beyond extensive. I can't recommend her highly enough - she's one in a million - make that a trillion!

Marlene Daniels

I have known and worked with Paula for a number of years as my Long Term Care Insurance Professional. She is informed, caring, ethical and incredibly knowledgeable about her profession. Not only that, she also has been in medical situations whereby she needed long term care herself -- so she has "walked the walk" and does not just talk the talk as so many people do. Without hesitation, would highly recommend her.

Angela Smith

Paula was extremely helpful in finding the right LTC policy for my needs and made this difficult decision easy!

Maya Jones

I decided to purchase long term care insurance because I want to live independently for the remaining years of my life. Long term care insurance helps ensures I have choices in living circumstances if I am unable to care for myself. I appreciate Paula Taylor's thorough explanation about the benefits and disadvantages to having and not having, respectively, long term care insurance.

Annie F.

Paula Taylor models honesty and integrity in all of her relationships. She is a respected professional who is gifted in assisting others to be prepared for life's challenges and transitions.

Jane and Jim

Paula is an expert in Long Term Care (LTC). I would not work with anyone else. We talked about coverage for at least 5 years before my husband and I wrote our policy. The fear of not qualifying due to age and pre-existing conditions prompted us to move forward. Seeing our family and friends deal with the financial burden without LTC was also a motivation. Paula is a very knowledgeable professional with high integrity and will provide the best policy options for your situation. I highly recommend Paula as your best asset for support before, during and after your policy selection. Jane and Jim, San Francisco


What I find so interesting is you could never find this information anywhere else.
Paula was a Godsend when I began the LTC journey! She was so patient with my MANY questions, and thoroughly answered with easy-to-understand language. She was prompt in her correspondence and I… Read More


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